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Static Web Services

Static websites are HTML websites with fixed information.Static websites help your business stand out on the web.A static website is the simplest way to show your product or business online. It is the easiest type of website to setup simply and better informative .Static Websites are with information including images, comprising of text, animations and graphics that rarely need any updates.

Static websites are good for small businesses.We offer unique and personalized Web page design with quality at competitive market rates.A static website is perfect for individuals, businesses or companies that have a message that change slowly.

In static website users can quickly and easily put contents and images without having much experience. The static website is ideal for demonstrating how your website will look on Internet. Cache friendly copy of website can be shown to many people

Advantages of Static websites

  • Easily manage content , inforamtion , images, articles Edit & Update without others help.
  • Cost for a static website is usually lower than a dynamic site.
  • You can easily modify the site content if you have little knowledge in HTML coding.
  • Generally cheaper to implement on a smaller scale if fewer pages are required
  • Good for smaller companies as there is no need for any management system; it is the responsibility of one person
  • More flexibility is available, as you are not restricted to any template layout (although this can affect the usability of your website)
  • Static websites are easy to create and host.
  • No change is required to your web hosting