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The primary purpose of this website project is to create and/ or redesign a website using the latest technologies and trends designed to portray Our Client Expertise aims and objectives. The process includes building a visual representation and integration with this technologies.

Preliminary Research & Discovery Phase :

Reviewing the client business and brand. We will collect data & information as many as we can to find our client good values that need to highlight accordingly in order to meet the haracteristic of target audiences.

Strategic Planning :

Conception of the main goal of the website, the flow and preparation of detailed charts and wireframes showing the different areas of the website, their feature, services, good values, other specific goals, etc.

Web Design :

Conception and creation of the graphic theme including color scheme, atmosphere, general look and feel, etc.Conception and creation of all the graphic elements of the website.

Front End Programming :

Top quality hand coding (HTML 5, PHP, CSS, Javascript) of all the web pages.Advanced programming and integration of latest front-end web technologies for enhanced user experience and usability.

Quality Assurance and Launch :

Fine tuning the final details of the website design and features, Configuration and setup of the server that will host the website, Migration of the site to the live server. Finally, launch!

Through the above 5 steps process we will deliver all the services designed to exceed Our Client Expertise expectation and needs. We will regularly communicate with you and update the team’s progress.